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Our Board of Directors plays a vital role here at the YWCA of Yonkers in guiding and overseeing our strategic direction, budgeting, guidelines, and policies, and helping us make decisions that impact the vision of our community organization. 

   Aligned with the mission of the YWCA of eliminating racism and empowering women, they help us in serving and promoting different programs which help us serve our community of women and families in Yonkers. 



Angela Adetola is the President of the YWCA of Yonkers. She has always been committed to the uplifting of the community. She has partnered with many agencies across New York State to provide information regarding adequate care while developing and maintaining mutually-beneficial relationships with community leaders. She has worked with multiple organizations to educate seniors about health care and mentors youth about educational choices, resume wring, and job searches. Angela believes that every individual deserves to live a long and fulfilling life, and she is committed to providing the tools and resources they need to make that happen. Angela has also assisted in establishing the Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, where she engaged with various regional offices to gain and promote a deeper understanding of the unique issues related to climate change, environmental justice, and health.  Angela has enjoyed challenging positions in the private sector, which included postings as a Director with Optum Insight Consulting, Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, and Chief Compliance Officer and Director of Corporate Affairs for MetroPlus Health Plan. Angela holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from St. Joseph’s College; a Master of Science in Management and Policy, as well as an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Management Information Systems from Stony Brook University; a Certificate in Climate Change and Health Care Practice from Yale University; and a Certificate in Health Care Compliance from Seton Hall University. Angela serves on various community boards and enjoys traveling, roller skating, and spending time with her family.





V. Lisa E-Pittman is a long-time resident of Yonkers. She was born and raised in the Bronx, NY, and graduated from Theodore Roosevelt HS on Fordham Road. She received her degree in Business Administration and Modern Business Skills from the State University of NY. From an early age, V. Lisa was interested in the betterment of her neighborhood. She would get involved and help with various community charity events or activities such as fundraising, neighborhood cleanup projects, block party projects, etc. Also, at an early age, V. Lisa was taught administrative, organizational, and operational skills by her late grandmother who was a trailblazer of her time in her own right. V. Lisa has a passion for giving voices to children and families who are victims of domestic violence. She is also a Wellness Coach focused on antiaging by way of nutritional supplements. Her motto is… if your body is well, your immune system can handle and fight off sickness more effectively. V. Lisa continues to make a difference by giving back to the community with charity and fundraising events and serving on several boards throughout the community, including but not limited to: Secretary on the YWCA Board of Directors; Board of Directors member at the Harrigan Dance Academy; partnering with Veterans Action Team Services (VATS) with their philanthropy work; and Financial Secretary-Trustee at the church where she is a member, to name a few. Besides leading a very active community life, V. Lisa also has a successful professional career in the New York City corporate world.



Yadilsa Fernandez joined BNY Mellon in 2018 as an Insurance and Asset Manager Client Portfolio Manager in the Credit Risk team. Following a planned transition, she went on to become a Director under the Institutional Lending Group, servicing the firm’s clients, primarily in the insurance and asset management sector. Prior to joining BNY Mellon, she served as a Senior Vice President in the Market Information group at Marsh & McLennan. In all, Yadi has more than 20 years’ experience in the Insurance Sector as well as in Counterparty Credit Risk Management. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Fordham University.



Shara brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the world of financial advisory, with a 12-year career dedicated to serving high net worth clients, businesses and small business owners. Her journey through esteemed financial institutions like MassMutual, Merrill Lynch, and Fidelity Investments has equipped her with an invaluable skill set in Finance. Shara is a proud alumna of St. John's University, where she earned her Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance, with a minor in Marketing. She holds a few financial licenses and a certificate in Financial management from Cornell University. Her educational background has provided her with a strong foundation in both the analytical and client relationship aspects of the financial world. Throughout her professional journey, she has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals. Shara's clients can rely on her for insightful financial guidance and a personalized approach to wealth management.

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