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G.V.P Program

Gun   Violence   Prevention   Program  

The YWCA Yonkers received a grant supporting the implementation and management of

Gun Violence Prevention Initiatives across (7) zip codes within the City of Yonkers for ages

18-24. The program supports efforts including job training and placement, community activities, intervener training & staffing within our communities and seeing the highest concentration of gun violence and expansion of Gun Violence Intervention Programs. 

On October 4th, 2021, YWCA Yonkers was awarded a grant from Governor Hochul to become a part of the solution in the Gun Violence Epidemic and begin Support Intervention Programs. Since then, the YWCA Yonkers has referred young adults within the organization to other community service providers for support to ensure they are enhancing their life and work skills, gaining real-life work experiences and assistance for their future all while empowering and enriching their minds. 

Since awarded the grant, the YWCA Yonkers has held several GVP Program Completion graduations, Open Mic Nights and events to promote their creativity, individuality and success. 

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