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Affordable, safe and convenient housing for women in need

YWCA of Yonkers continues to respond to women’s housing needs and has become a place of refuge and restoration that nurtures women’s spirits, gives them support and helps them and their families grow strong again, as well as being a place where they can find the hope they may have lost when their strength has been tested.


Over the past century, YWCA has housed thousands of women, including college students who are now career women and victims of domestic violence who are now free from an abusive environment. We offer transitional single room occupancy with full laundry, kitchen, and lounge facilities. With an integrated approach to transition homeless women into permanent housing, we provide job counseling & placement, employment training, life skills counseling, individual case management and referrals to supportive services. To a limited extent, we also offer efficiency apartments to accommodate women with special needs.


We have a furnished private residence for women of diverse ages and backgrounds designed to help single women on their path to confidence and self-sufficiency. Facilities offer access to the comfortable lounge, cooking facilities, laundry and computer room. (Rent includes utilities)


The YWCA Yonkers residence is a landmark building centrally located in downtown Yonkers. It is in close proximity to major shopping areas, health centers, and government centers. The residence is also accessible to major transportation and other essential services.

For more information, please contact Kimberly Hydar (914)963-0640 

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